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Mangoes, traffic, cows, chai masala, scooters, jasmine, joy, rain, sun, adventure!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bangalore Sky


  • At 6:26 PM, Blogger chelsearobles said…

    Woman! Let's see the Sari on a Shcooter photo shoot!!! Enough of the beautiful scenery and the masala!

  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger squindia said…

    Calm down Mahonis! I don't even have my sari blouse and petticoat yet!

  • At 8:26 AM, Blogger chelsearobles said…

    get on the ball bones! haven't you been in india for many months now? and not even one photo of you sporting the local ethnic style? i'm dissapointed!

  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger chelsearobles said…

    i'm flabergasted!


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