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Monday, August 21, 2006


It was hot. The heat was the only thing that didn’t surprise me about Delhi. This was not the city I expected. It’s clean, has well maintained roads, large parks, modern buildings, and was well planned.

I was in an auto-rickshaw during the first monsoon rain. I haven’t seen raindrops that big, ever. It was sudden and fast, the little rickshaw filled up like a teacup. And we all laughed.
I felt such great relief that I was finally cool and then amusement that I was soaked to the bone but didn’t really care. It seemed everyone was in on the joke and as other rickshaws passed us everyone was laughing. Full heads tilted back laughing. When we turned down a less major street I saw children of all ages dancing in the rain and splashing in puddles in their underwear. Rain is good.

My home in Delhi was the Tibetan Refugee Colony, this is the entrance.

The streets of the colony were lined with carrom boards and the community seemed to be playing this game, a cross between air-hockey and pool, all day and night!

This is the Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India.

Delhi boasts the largest eco-friendly bus service in the world. All of the buses and auto-rickshaws run on CNG fuel (Compressed Natural Gas).


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